5 Stupid Reasons People Actually Got Arrested

We’ve all seen those clickbait headlines about people who were…

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5 Ridiculous Injuries That Happened On Movie Sets

We all expect that people will sometimes get hurt during…

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Clearly Fake Stuff That Morons Tried To Pass Off As Real

Scammers are everywhere, if your dedicated Spam folder hadn’t tipped…

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5 Art Disasters That People Really Should Have Seen Coming

Art is a complex and subjective thing, and we all…

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4 Hilariously Bad Thieves, Caught On Video

Determination is one of the key traits in any Modern…

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5 Mind-Blowingly Weird Religious Sites You’ve Never Heard Of

Most religious practices look kind of ridiculous out of context.…

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4 Jesters Who Were Straight-Up Badasses

We’re all familiar with the stereotypical image of court jesters,…

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Rogue Vs. Rogue Week: Trinity Vs. Aeon Flux

So an oppressive regime of robots or buttholes or whatever…

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5 Appliances You Can Make After The Apocalypse

The end of days … we all know it’s coming.…

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More Than Ok: Olivia Mainville’s journey from orchestra to the stage

Olivia Mainville was not brought up in a musical family,…

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Jesse Ray

And Then There Were Two: For now, Jesse Ray and the Carolina Catfish thrives as a duo

With each of Jesse Ray and the Carolina Catfish’s three…

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How To Turn Your Home Into A Badass Rogue Lair

Owning your own home is one of the very cornerstones…

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Creed Bratton

Comedy Sniper: Creed Bratton talks The Office, brothels and new music

Perhaps best recognized as the fictional version of himself in the…

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Important Jobs

5 Insanely Important Jobs (We’re Running Out Of People For)

Supply and demand should ensure that we never run out…

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Ani DiFranco

Sing la Résistance: Ani DiFranco continues her message of social change

Ani DiFranco is no stranger to politics. A leader in the…

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