Winter Wheat

No Hibernation: Winter Wheat keeps the festival scene alive year-round

A few years back, musicians Bruce Ling of Hawks and Owls and Mark Stoltz of Benzie Playboys were lamenting the sort of lull that winter typically brings to the music scene. While venues may keep their stages warm with the shows they can, festivals seem to disappear altogether. So Ling and Stoltz reached out to longtime member of the Wheatland Music Organization, Marilyn Hummel, to see what could be done about bringing a little slice of Wheatland to the winter months.

The first year was an event dubbed Hair of the Dog, due to it being held the day after New Year’s Eve. It featured a variety of West Michigan-based bands at Founders Brewing Co. What they quickly found, however, is that they had drastically underestimated the demand for this type of show.

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