Fantastic Parties and Where to Find Them: PotterCon brews up a potion of nostalgia, magic and spirits

Four years ago, Margaret Ann Kaminski found herself staring at a bunch of robes, wands and cauldrons, leftovers she had from attending midnight releases of Harry Potter books and movies. As she gazed upon the pile of nostalgia, she couldn’t help but feel that an important, even magical, part of her life was missing, and she intended to reclaim it.

So she threw a Harry Potter-themed party at a local bar and invited some of her close friends to attend, who lovingly informed her that this get-together counted as her birthday party as well. She had so much fun at that little gathering that she decided she wanted to do it again, only bigger, so she found a larger space and launched the very first official PotterCon: a Harry Potter party for grown-ups.

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