Author: Dwayne Hoover

Dwayne Hoover began his writing career for the Kalamazoo music scene with blog-turned-magazine West Michigan NOISE!, where he quickly made a name for himself as a snarky, yet capable music journalist. Soon after, he went to work for Revue Magazine, interviewing high profile bands and artists such as Dweezil Zappa, Christina Perri, Dropkick Murphys, Dinosaur Jr., GWAR, New Found Glory, Cage the Elephant, Flogging Molly, Clutch, Sum 41, Living Colour and Les Claypool. In 2011, he honed his comedic skills for humor website where his fact-based list articles have been read by millions. Most recently, he has also been establishing himself in the West Michigan music scene as a proficient concert photographer, and in 2014 was a contributor to Recoil Magazine.
Jesse Ray

And Then There Were Two: For now, Jesse Ray and the Carolina Catfish thrives as a duo

With each of Jesse Ray and the Carolina Catfish’s three full-length albums earning a WYCE Jammies Award, as well as snagging the number-three spot for Best Original Band on Revue’s very own Best of the West readers’ poll, there is little doubt that the group has captured the attention of West Michigan. And this duo consistently delivers…

Creed Bratton

Comedy Sniper: Creed Bratton talks The Office, brothels and new music

Perhaps best recognized as the fictional version of himself in the wildly popular television series The Office, Creed Bratton is known for his zany, off-the-wall and sometimes ridiculously insane comments and antics throughout the show’s nine seasons. Based on the UK series by the same name, the US version of The Office was not originally slated to have a Bratton-esque…


Living, Writing, Playing Together: Matisyahu explains his band’s approach to the new album

Matisyahu has devoted his musical career to delivering highly introspective messages in a style that’s all his own. Fusing reggae with hip-hop and layering it over a jam band style of indie rock, he has released a number of albums — including two Gold Certified records and the Top 40 hit King Without a Crown — that touch…


Fantastic Parties and Where to Find Them: PotterCon brews up a potion of nostalgia, magic and spirits

Four years ago, Margaret Ann Kaminski found herself staring at a bunch of robes, wands and cauldrons, leftovers she had from attending midnight releases of Harry Potter books and movies. As she gazed upon the pile of nostalgia, she couldn’t help but feel that an important, even magical, part of her life was missing, and…

Jessica Hernandez

Tearing Down That Wall: Jessica Hernandez bridges the divide with dual bilingual albums

It’s an unfortunate time in our nation’s recent history when the cultural divide is so wide, chants of “Build the wall!” are commonplace. Yet even as some seem to embrace a sort of national exclusivity, others are celebrating the melting pot that is more truly reflective of this country’s very foundation. Jessica Hernandez & The…